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    Herbs and Berry Shop items

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    Herbs and Berry Shop items Empty Herbs and Berry Shop items

    Post by Jayden Ketchum on Sun Jan 06, 2013 5:13 am

    Energy Powder:
    Restores 50 HP
    Cost: 500 Pokémon Dollars
    Sold for: 250 Pokémon Dollars

    Energy Root:
    Restores 200 HP
    Cost: 800 Pokémon Dollars
    Sold for: 400 Pokémon Dollars

    Heal Powder:
    Heals all status ailments
    Cost: 450 Pokémon Dollars
    Sold for: Pokémon Dollars

    Revival Herb:
    Restores all the HP of a fainted Pokémon
    Cost: 2800 Pokémon Dollars
    Sold for: 1400 Pokémon Dollars

    Berries will be added later.

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