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    Starting a journey Empty Starting a journey

    Post by Sasori on Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:58 am

    Sasori arrived in Littleroot and was transported to the pokemon lab since his mission was told to them right on his arrival and the professor was willing to help Sasori out a bit. Walking into the lab he met the professor who was there was waiting for him to arrive. "Sasori, good to see you finally made it here. I heard about your situation so let's move this along." Sasori looked around and saw three pokeballs of pokemon that were going to be for him to choose from. "Hope you don't mind me saying this but can i please have a water type. It's essential to my mission." The professor looked at him with a shocked look on his face but then walked over to a pokeball and picked it up. He let the pokemon out and it was blue fish like pokemon. "This pokemon is called Mudkip, it is a water type that is also a ground type once it evolves. Hope it works out for you." Looking at Mudkip, Sasori then looked up and asked the professor about Mudkip. "What techniques does it know at this current time?"

    The professor was confused at this question so he grabbed a machine and scanned Mudkip and then gave him an answer. "It knows Tackle and Growl, however it will learn other techniques as you continue to train it." Sasori stood up and then pondered on something that could help him later on in his adventure. "This shall get me to where i need to go. Well i guess me and Mudkip are now partners in this adventure." Mudkip jumped in joy of hearing this from Sasori' then ran in circles around him in joy. Sasori then picked up Mudkip, then headed out of the lab but then a lab assistant hands him five pokeballs and a pokedex for his adventure then walked away. Putting those items in his pockets, Sasori then walked out of the lab and began to head for route 101 to begin his training.

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