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    Mike Mizu - RP - Introduction Empty Mike Mizu - RP - Introduction

    Post by Mike Mizu on Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:55 pm

    It was about a week after his 17th birthday and Mike was standing near the water that leads to route 21. This route leads to Cinnabar Island which was originally where his mother had wanted to move the two of them but Mike’s fear of the water forced them to stay in Pallet Town.

    Mike just stood there and stared out towards the horizon. He always felt the need to do this every year about a week after his birthday. The reason for this was because he had lost his father about a week after his 10th birthday in a tragic accident out at sea. Mike was with his father at the time and the trauma had caused his fear of water and his hatred of pokemon. It was a group of Gyarados that had caused the accident and Mike had never forgiven then. Deep in his heart he knew that they were just upset about something and had never intended to cause harm to anyone but as a child that didn't really matter to him.

    As he grew he eventually got over his fear of the water but had still never been back out to sea. He helped his mother to grow food in their garden to make money but he had never felt satisfied doing this. He always felt as if he needed to do more, as if he had more to offer the world.

    As he stood there staring out at the ocean he slowly started to realize that he could hear something. A sound that was unusual and slightly disturbing. He looked around for the source of the sound but couldn't see anything. He did find the location of the sound; it appeared to be coming from a nearby cluster of rocks that had washed up on shore over a long period of time. He approached the rocks unsure of if there might be danger. As he got closer however, the sound became more obvious. It was a distressed sound, as if something was crying out for help. The sound was coming from behind a particularly large rock so Mike couldn't yet see what it was but he quickly walked around the rock.

    Suddenly Mike’s eyes fell on the source of the sound and he was filled with mixed emotions. It was a pokemon, to be specific, it was a Squirtle. The Squirtle appeared to be injured, maybe it had been attacked by another Pokemon but Mike couldn't be sure. The emotions Mike was feeling were a mixture of sadness and pity but he also felt a strong emotion of hatred. He had gotten over his fear of the water itself but still held a strong feeling of hate towards water Pokemon. As he looked at the injured Pokemon a battle was raging in his heart between the good and the bad. He could just leave it here; it wasn't his job to help Pokemon. Fortunately there was much more goodness in his heart and he realized that he couldn't leave it, even if he wanted to; it was still a living being.

    Mike slowly approached the Squirtle but as he did the Squirtle began crying in distress and attempting to get away. Clearly the Squirtle did not trust him, maybe it had even had a bad past experience with humans. The actions the Squirtle made, however, were in fact hurting it even more so Mike quickly dropped to his knees and laid his hand on the Squirtle's chest. Mike had grown up with water Pokemon and had learned how to calm them; he had even been told that he “Had a way with Pokemon.” Mike never knew what that had meant because he was just doing what he was shown. Clearly it had worked as the Squirtle calmed down and just looked into Mike’s eyes. As their eyes connected Mike felt a strange jolt in his heart, he didn't know how but he just knew that this Squirtle had indeed been treated horribly by humans and that it had hatred in its heart just like Mike had for Pokemon.

    Mike suddenly noticed that the Squirtle had fallen unconscious and he thought that it must have been crying for help for a long time and had passed out due to exhaustion. Mike quickly scooped it up in his arms and his first thought was to take it to a Poke Center, unfortunately there wasn't one in Pallet town. Quickly he thought of what he could do and he realized that there was a Pokemon laboratory in town. He didn't know if they could help but he had no other options so he quickly set off towards it.

    The journey only took about a minute at running pace and Mike quickly found himself standing in the shadow of the Pokemon Lab, it was bigger than he had expected. He quickly ran to the door and tried opening it but it was locked so he started knocking. About a minute passed and he suddenly heard bolts being unlock from the inside and the door swung open and there stood an elderly man in a long white lab coat. Mike had never met him but he had heard about him, this was Professor Oak, he was apparently one of the greatest Pokemon researchers there was.

    “Well now, what do we have here?” Professor Oak asked in a clearly tired voice. Mike suddenly realized what time it was, it was only a little after 6:30 in the morning. Mike had always gotten up early and usually forgot that other people slept in later than that.

    He suddenly remembered that now wasn't the time for that, “Please, I'm sorry for waking you but you have to help me, this Squirtle is seriously injured.” Professor Oaks eyes quickly snapped open and he seemed wide awake, clearly he took the words “injured pokemon” very seriously.

    “Ah right bring him inside quickly and I’ll take a look.” He stepped aside to allow access to Mike and he quickly stepped inside. Oak shut the door behind them and quickly set off towards a nearby door. Mike followed him through the door an found that inside the room the Professor had an almost exact copy of the medical facilities you would usually only find in a Pokemon Centre. “Lay him down there if you don’t mind.” Oak pointed to a table an Mike did as he was told. Oak quickly gathered some medical equipment and rushed over to the table. “Is he yours?”

    “No I just found him on the beach a little while ago.” Mike suddenly realized that Oak had been calling it a “him” ever since he laid eyes on it. Was it really that easy to tell the difference? Mike had never been able to, but then again, Oak must have been working with Pokemon for a very long time and it must have become easy for him.

    “Well then, I guess that makes him a very lucky Pokemon. If you hadn't have found him, he most likely would have died.” Mike’s eyes widened at these words.

    “Is he really that bad? He’s going to be ok though right?”

    “Oh yes, you got him here just in time, he’s going to be fine.” Oak had been quickly working on the Squirtle with different tools and medicine, Mike was surprised at the speed in which he was doing it. “What’s your name, if you don’t mind me asking?”[/b][/color]

    “Oh, it’s Mike, Mike Mizu.”

    “Mizu? Strange, I know that name. Did you come to get a Pokemon from me when you were younger?” Mike suddenly remembered, back just before the accident his farther had told him that, not only was he old enough to go out on the boat with him, but that he was also old enough to register as a pokemon trainer and that if he wanted, after the boat trip, he would take him down to the Lab in Pallet town to get his first Pokemon. Mike had excitedly agreed at the time, he couldn't wait to be a Pokemon trainer but that obviously all changed.

    “No, sorry I didn't. I never registered.”

    “Oh, well I guess I must be mistaken then. Well thank you for finding Squirtle, I’ll make sure he gets fit and well.” Mike nodded his head and turned to leave but Oak spoke again, “Do you want me to let you know when he’s better?” Mike hadn't thought about that, usually he would want to have as little to do with this as possible but something deep in his mind made him want to know.

    “Sure, erm, I live…” Mike was suddenly interrupted by someone barging into the room carrying a large tray filled with more medical supplies; Squirtle really must have been in bad shape.

    “Ok, I’ll let you know, don’t worry I know where you live.” Oak looked at Mike and Mike looked back at him, and he saw it, the look he had been getting for the last 6 years. Oak had figured out who he was and knew his past. People just couldn't seem to look at him without a slight look of concern on their face; as if they worried he would break at any moment. Mike nodded at Oak again and left the building. He knew why people looked at him like that but he just wished that they didn't. He just wanted to be treated like a normal person. Mike shook himself as if to try to get rid of the thoughts and then headed back home.

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    Post by Mike Mizu on Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:13 pm

    It had been a few hours since Mike had taken the injured Squirtle to the lab and he couldn’t help but wonder how he was doing. He was sat at home reading a book but his mind kept wondering. His mother had gone to the local town to buy some supplies. He usually went with her but for some reason, went he got back from the Pokemon lab, she said that she wanted to go alone this time. Mike thought that this was a little unusual, he had already received his birthday present (the book he was currently reading) so he couldn’t think of a reason.

    Suddenly Mike heard footsteps coming up the pathway and he assumed his mother was back. Then there was a knock at the door, his mother obviously wouldn’t need to knock. Mike went and answered the door and at first, didn’t recognize the person who was there. “Ah, at last, you’re Mike Mizu aren’t you?” Mike suddenly realized that this person was the same person who had entered the medical room with professor Oak. “The Professor told me to come and find you but I went to the wrong house, er, twice.” At this remark he gave a nervous smile. Mike just looked at him blankly. “Oh right, yes, sorry, you need to come, the Professor needs to speak with you.” At these words the assistant turned and walked away. Mike stood there confused for a bit and then followed.

    “What’s this about? Is the Squirtle I brought in doing ok?” He asked the man as they were walking down the path. He didn’t get a reply, maybe he hadn’t heard him. He asked again but this time the assistant simply looked at him and shrugged his shoulders. Did he not know? He was the Professors assistant so he must have known. Maybe the Professor had asked him not to say anything.

    After a little while they arrived at the lab and the assistant led Mike inside. Waiting for them was Professor Oak who was sat next to the Squirtle who looked a lot healthier. “Ah, there you are. Good timing I think he might be about to wake up again.” With these words he gestured Mike to come forwards and turned to face the Squirtle. After a minute where Mike started to feel a little uncomfortable the Squirtle started to stir. As he pushed himself up and opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Professor Oak who smiled at him. Squirtle, however, completely freaked out. He backed away from him so suddenly that he fell off the table and landed on the floor but he managed to stand up again and could be seen panicking and quickly looking around for an exit. This startled Mike and he looked at Oak as if to ask what was going on. Oak looked back at him with a clear look of concern on his face but all he said was, “Speak to him, let him know you are here.”

    Mike was uncomfortable with this request but he could see how much distress Squirtle was in and knew he had to help if he could. He got down on his knees and said, “Hey, what’s wrong with you?” The Squirtle quickly looked at him and backed away slightly as if he had been yelled at but the moment his eyes connected with Mike’s he just stopped. The two of them just looked at each other for what seemed like almost an hour despite only being a few seconds. The Squirtle seemed to calm down and he bowed his head and closed his eyes, possibly a sign of respect or maybe it was a thank you, Mike wasn’t sure. Mike felt a tap on his shoulder and he noticed Professor Oak was handing him a Pokeball. Mike took it and gently tapped the button in the middle onto Squirtles head. Squirtle was sucked into the Pokeball but there was no shaking, he must have already been captured inside it.

    Mike stood up and proceeded to hand the Pokeball to Professor Oak but Oak shook his head. “Oh no. I’m afraid that that Squirtle needs to stay with you.” Mike’s eyes widened in shock to these words.

    “What, why?”

    “It’s clear that this Squirtle has been treated horribly in the past by humans. The first time he woke up was when I was checking on his progress and, like what just happened, he began running around looking for a way out and every time I tried to approach he would attack me. Eventually I had to get Venusaur over there to help me out, I had to capture him to stop him from hurting himself more as he wasn’t fully healed.” Mike suddenly realized that there was a large Venusaur sat sleeping in the corner of the room. “I thought that since you were able to bring him to me that maybe he reacted well to you. Clearly you just proved me right. Somehow the two of you have formed a strong bond even in just the short time you’ve known each other. So like I said earlier, it would be the safest for Squirtle if you were to take care of him.”

    Mike thought this through quickly but he came up with another idea, “Why not release him into the wild?”

    “Well yes I had thought of that, however, the injuries that Squirtle had sustained seemed to have come from other pokemon, I’m afraid he simply isn’t strong enough to fend for himself. He’s young, wild Squirtle of his age would usually still be with their parents but this one was clearly separated at some point. He seems to be about level 5 which is the level I raise my starter Pokemon to but they of cause are raised around humans so they are friendly towards them. This Squirtle has an extreme fear or perhaps a hatred for humans, except for you.” Mike thought about this for a while, his injuries had clearly come from other Pokemon, even Mike could recognise that. An extreme fear or possible hatred for humans? So Squirtle hated humans because of the way he had been treated and Mike hated pokemon for the loss of his father. It was clear how a bond had formed between them.

    Mike looked up at Professor Oak and nodded, “Ok but what should I do with him? I mean should I just take him home and look after him until he is stronger?”

    “Well yes you could, or why don’t you take on the Pokemon league challenge. Squirtle may be afraid of humans but he is back to his full strength and you could train him to fight through the league with you. Maybe follow in your father’s footsteps.” Oak smiled at him but his last words had confused Mike. Follow in his father’s footsteps? His father had battled through the league? Oak could clearly see his confused look because he gave a slight chuckle and said, “Ah yes. Your mother had said that you may not have known. She wasn’t sure if your father had told you about his victories in battle. Here why don’t you take a look at this.” Victories in battle? Had his father won a league tournament at some point? Oak had gone over to a computer and typed in some words and a list came up on screen. It seemed to be a list of names and dates. “This is a list of all the winners of the Kanto Pokemon league in the last 50 years. Why don’t you take a look.” Mike looked at the list, the name at the top was a name he didn’t know and it was dated slightly over 50 years ago. He scrolled down the list until he saw it. 32 years ago, his father’s name, he had won. He must have only been a boy himself at the time, probably younger than Mike was now. “Keep going.” Oaks words surprised Mike and he jumped slightly, but he did as he asked. Two, three, four names he didn’t recognise after his father’s, but then, again it was his father’s name but wait, once, twice, this time his name was listed 3 time in a row. His father had won the tournament 3 times in a row, 4 time overall. Why had he never told him? He looked back at Oak he was just smiling at him. “See what I mean, your father was a serious competitor, he even travelled to the other regions to compete in their tournaments and won a few of them as well, and did you know that he started his journey with a Squirtle as well.”

    Mike could hardly take all of this in but he had made up his mind. He was going to take the challenge, he was going to win the tournament. He nodded at Professor Oak. “Excellent, well I’ll just quickly get you registered and get you your Pokedex. I’ll be right back.”

    Mike sat in a nearby chair and tried to process the information he had just received. There was a lot about his father that he didn’t know. Maybe he just hadn’t had the chance to tell him. Suddenly Mike heard a voice he was totally not expecting to hear, “Hello. Is anyone here?” The door opened and his mother walked in.

    “Mother, what are you doing here?”

    “Ah Mike, there you are. Well the Professor called me before got home and told me what had happened. I was pleased to hear that you were interacting with Pokemon again. He told me that the pokemon seemed to dislike humans. To which I asked him how you had managed to carry it to him then, and he said that the two of you must have formed some sort of bond. I got excited hearing this and asked him if he thought the two of you could become partners and he said that it was entirely possible if you were willing.” Just then Professor Oak came back through the other door.

    “Ah Lilly, has Mike told you the good news?” He had a red electronic device in his hands which Mike recognised as a Pokedex. He should have realized that the two of them new each other. That’s why his mother didn’t want him to go with her to the next town. He scratched the back of his head and laughed a little as he saw the two of then chatting like old friends.

    Suddenly they both turned to him and approached, “Here you are, your Pokedex, you are now a fully registered Pokemon trainer. Congratulations.” He took the Pokedex and thanked him with a nervous smile. He had the feeling that the two of them had planned this all along.

    “Here, I also bought you these.” His mother held out her hands and she had 5 small pokeballs in them. Ah so the real reason she didn’t want him to go shopping with her finally came out. He took them and thanked her, “I already have a bag packed for you. Ahh, I’m so envious of you. I remember the day your father and I set out on our adventure.” All Mike could think of doing was smiling and nodding.

    After a little more talk the two of them waved goodbye to the Professor, “Goodbye, have a safe journey and let me know how it’s going every now and then.” Mike headed home and sure enough he found a bag already packed for him so there was nothing left to do but hug his mother goodbye and head out on his journey. He stopped at the edge of town and took one quick look back.

    “I guess I won’t be seeing Pallet town for a while, but if I want to catch up to my father then I have to be going.” He turned and looked out onto route 1, his journey was about to begin.

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