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    Character Name: Zane Northwood

    Age: 16

    Starting Region: Kanto

    Starting Town: Pallet

    Bio: Zane was rasied in Lilycove City with his mother and father. His father was a pokemon breeder and sold specific types of pokemon for his clients. He is also quite infamous on the black market, he is quite known for his "expertise" on pokemon breeds. His mother is also a pokemon day care owner, who was also quite well known on the black market. Infact, thats how those two met, through a bad deal and they had to fight together to escape. Shortly afterwards, they got married and had Zane later on. Nowadays however, they decided to move away from all that and go to a small town. So they decieded to move to Pallet town and live a normal life. Of course, Zane never knew anything about his parents past as he was kept away from that stuff. Zane was about seven years old when they moved to Pallet town, but Zane didn't grow up there. Zane was sent to the Rustboro City Pokemon Trainer where he was accepted. He enrolled in the Boarding School Program that is set up for those that live in other regions such as Zane. He however was put into the elite classes as he was one of the five students who tested the highest on the entrance exams. These students have different schedules that include advanced classes. He was enrolled there from the ages of seven to sixteen where him and the other students graduated. He came back to Pallet Town and is now ready to start his official adventure.

    Appearance: Zane is about 5"11 or maybe 6"0 and weighs 148. He has curly black hair that reaches to the top of his shoulders. He wears rectangle glasses that have black rims on the top of them. His eyes are dark brown but look black from a distance, or even up close for that matter. The only way you could tell he had brown eyes is to shine a flashlight in his eyes, and look real close. He is skin tone is a couple of shades darker than carmel. He wears a gray beanie on his head for warmth. He also wears a white short sleeve t-shirt that reaches to his waist. For a little added protection from the elements he wears a black hoodie over his t-shirt that he usually keeps zipped up. His pants are black straight leg jeans with a blue chain on the left side for his wallet. His shoes are really black boots that reach up three inches past his ankle, he tucks his straight leg pants into these boots. The boots have a zipper on the side along with shoe laces in the front. His backpack has one strap going across his chest. The backpack is black and blue, blue being the primary color.

    Personality: Thanks to his school, they taught him leadership skills, so he has a very outgoing personality. At the same time he is laid back about situations, never really getting nervous or embrassed about things. He rarely gets mad, and only really gets irrated if it has something to do with his pokemon or his family's well being. In pokemon battles he likes to take the time out to focus on startegy, being mostly defensive until he feels like he has a understanding of the current battle status.

    Starting Pokemon: Charmander

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