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    Character Name: Mike Yagami

    Age: 15

    Starting Region: Kanto

    Starting Town: Pallet

    Biography: Mike was brought up in Pallet like his parents. His Father, Kaito, was a pokemon trainer and his mother, Sakura, was the gym leader of Pallet. Kaito and Sakura was friends from childhood, but in the end they end up falling in love with each other. When Mike was a child he loved to play with his parents and with the pokemon. He especially like fairy type pokemon because his father had fire type pokemon. He admires his dad and he wants to be exactly like him. When Mike grow up we wanted to become a pokemon trainer and to get his own pokemon. And his journey just begins...

    Appearance: Mike stands at 6'1 and weights 149, with short length spiky yellow hair. He has blue eyes and he wears glasses. He also wears a T-Shirt that says Mike pokemon trainer. His pants are blue straight leg jeans with a yellow chain on the left side for his wallet and he also wears red shoes.

    Personality: Mike is a social, with humor person. He is very intelligent and very serious when needed. He wants people around him be happy and smile. He is very friendly and charming man, he makes friends easy and he can be very persuasive when he has to. He wants to be with his friends but he also wants some time to be alone to think. He loves hanging out with his friends but he finds time to train alone or with a peer.In pokemon battles he likes to take the time out to focus on strategy, being mostly defensive until he feels like he has a understanding of the current battle status.

    Starting Pokemon: Charmander
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