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    Post by LeWildOpal on Wed Aug 14, 2013 7:14 pm

    Character Name: Anna

    Age: 14

    Starting Region: johto

    Starting Town: New Bark Town

    Bio: Anna lived her life staying away from other people besides her mother who was once a proud pokemon trainer. Anna was always soft spoken and shy so she was always to scared to go and become a trainer herself. However she loves pokemon and reads about them all the time in her books. She very caring and gentle making most think she might one day grow up to be a pokemon breeder. Like every other child she wished to be a pokemon trainer and have a team of her own however she never tried due to her shyness in meeting the profesor.

    Appearance: Anna has soft brown hair which she keeps short just for convence and to keep it out of her eyes. She wears glasses which cover her light purple eyes. She wears sweaters and skirts mostly and always keeps the red scarf her father had given her as a little girl.

    Personality: Anna is very soft spoken and shy mostly wishing to be on her own to avoid the stress of meeting others. She is also very gentle and caring making her seem unfit as a pokemon trainer as the heat of battle would be to rough for her.

    Starting Pokemon: cyndaquil

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