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    Resting and Training


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    Resting and Training Empty Resting and Training

    Post by Sasori on Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:08 am


    Walking into town with his new Wurmple on his shoulder, Sasori looked around for the pokemon center to heal up Mudkip. After a short while of looking around he found the building he was looking for. It was rather small compared to the one in Lilycove City but that is to be understandable. Walking into the doors he then walked up to the counter where a nice lady in a nurse's outfit was standing there. "Hello, how can I be of service to you?" Reaching onto his belt he pulled Mudkip's pokeball off and placed it on the counter. "I would like you to give a full look over on this pokemon for me. Wurmple and I will be out back training for a short while." The nurse just bowed and took the pokeball with Mudkip inside and went to the back to begin the healing process. Stepping back outside Sasori then looked over at his Wurmple on his shoulder and smiled. "You ready for some training there buddy?" The Wurmple danced around in excitement for the training it was about to receive.

    The two of them stepped outside to the back area where Sasori was ready to train up his little pokemon in hopes of making it stronger. "Now then Wurmple, use your string shot to fill the field with your string so we can control the field." With that command Wurmple began to spit its string shot attack all over the field coating it in a sticky white string. Using the string Wurmple was able to move around more freely while anyone else's pokemon would be constricted and have limited movement.

    "Good Job Wurmple! Now we have a field advantage when you fight." Looking out the corner of his eye he saw other trainers practicing from where he was standing. Some had Poochyena and others had different types of pokemon. Knowing his end goals were important to him Sasori had to keep his eye on the prize. However with this many pokemon around he knew that he would eventually have to take on Team Magma again. He was now listed as an enemy of theirs and makes him the biggest target of them all. Looking back to his Wurmple he watched as Wurmple made its paces around the field while its String was covering the field. Smiling he knew that there were more important things than his revenge but in the end it was his goal for the moment. Looking back at the pokemon center Sasori had to wonder when Mudkip would be done getting treated so he could make his way towards Slateport City somehow to take a ship back to Lilycove City. If the closest route is closed due to flooding again then Sasori would have to take the longer ways around.

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