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    Catherine the bug catcher


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    Catherine the bug catcher Empty Catherine the bug catcher

    Post by LeWildOpal on Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:50 pm

    Character Name: Catherine

    Age: 18

    Starting Region: hoenn

    Starting Town: oldale town

    Bio: Little Catherine was born to a humble mother and an adventurous father.While her mother stayed home caring for the toddler dad went off to work. He worked in a mine gathering fossils and other precious rocks o be researched at the Pokemon labs all over Hoenn. On his days off he would come home and play with Catherine and show her all the rocks and fossils he got in the mines before shipping them off. On her tenth birthday, her father gave her a rare fossil as a present. It was a claw fossil which could be revived into a Pokemon when she was ready to become a trainer. Her father had always dreamed of being a trainer but the opportunity never came to him. However, Catherine's mother said it was too dangerous for her baby to go out at such a young age so she never allowed Catherine to leave to be a trainer. 7 years passed with Catherine staying home with the same routine. However, at night she would venture out when her mom was asleep and sketch wild Pokemon in the grass living their daily lives. Over the course of a year, she became quite good at sketching Pokemon and knew a lot about the Pokemon around the town she lived. She would sometimes even bring them food so she could get closer sketches of them. A month before her 18th birthday she heard news of her fathers passing in a mining accident.She was devastated and grieved nonstop even stopping her passion for drawing Pokemon. Her mother was lost and didn't know what to do for her until she set out a plan. On Catherine's 18th birthday the professor would visit her.

    Appearance: Catherine has long blondish green hair which she keeps in a braid sometimes putting flowers in it. Her eyes are a bright red/orange color and she has pale skin from staying indoors all day and only going out at night. She wears a capelet, a sun dress, and hiking boots when she does go out. She has round glasses to help with her vision that can also turn into sunglasses with the suns exposure for her sensitive eyes. She carries a purse that holds all her items with one Premier ball hanging off the side (this is for anorith her ace Pokemon)

    Personality: Catherine is passionate for Pokemon much like her father was for mining. She read many books on raising Pokemon and pokemon types her favorite being bug Pokemon. She also loves art which is why she goes out and draws Pokemon in her sketch books. She can be stubborn at times but is an over all patient person. She learned how to cook from her mother and uses it to sometimes feed the wild Pokemon to get better sketches of them. She is also Naive from her over protective mother not letting her leave the town for over 17 years so she doesn't know much about the world and often believes what she is told. Catherine is not quick to anger and rarely feels this emotion at all making her a very easy going person overall.

    Starting Pokemon: Anorith nickname blue Catherine the bug catcher 347

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