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    Post by Jayden Ketchum on Sat Jan 05, 2013 11:17 pm

    Character Name: Jayedn Ketchum

    Age: 14

    Starting Region: Hoenn

    Starting Town: Littleroot Town

    Bio: I left Kanto to go to Hoenn to find my brother Ash. I ended up in Littleroot Town to receive Torchic, my first Pokemon, to help me along on my journey.

    Appearance: I have black shoulder length hair, blueish green eye, 5'6" in height, black and/or white clothing which is sometimes covered with a black leather trench coat and black combat boots and I sometimes wear a black with a purple band top hat.


    Personality: I am friendly, but aggressive when need be. I also like art and a good fight. I can be a bit of a pyro as well.

    Starting Pokemon: Torchic

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