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    Pokemon Growth Empty Pokemon Growth

    Post by Sasori on Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:00 am

    Pokemon growth shall happen in many different ways, it can be done through sc or by sending the pokemon to a day care service. Now heres the basic stuff you will need to know:

    The stat system for each pokemon shall be different between each depending on how you put out their stats. Their growth stops at level 100 like in the games. So heres the stats:

    Special Defense:
    Special Attack:

    How it all starts:
    Stats are different than what you are used to seeing. Health starts at different areas between level 1 and 5. So Level 1 shall start at 10 and level 5 starts at 25. But heres the starting stats.

    Heath: 10 (level 1), 25 (level 5)
    Speed: 5
    Attack: 5
    Defense: 5
    Special Defense: 5
    Special Attack: 5

    How to level up:
    In order to level up a pokemon you must rp training it for 200wc to gain a level and gain 5 points to distribute out between the stats and pokemon gain 5health per level. Wc is due on Saturday 11:59pm. Dont miss it. Cap being 5,600wc.

    PLEASE NOTE!: Each pokemon can only gain 7 levels per week. and no you cannot skip training 1 pokemon and let them gain 14 levels per week.

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