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    Post by Sasori on Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:15 am

    Character Name: Sasori

    Age: 19

    Starting Region: Hoenn

    Starting Town: Littleroot Town

    For the last many years Sasori lived in a home filled with Art, all of his life he dreamed to be an artist. Until one day a group of men from Team Magma showed up and stole his families entire wealth from beneath their feet. It took Sasori a few days to realize what had happened to him and his family and it was at this point he left his home in Lilycove City to head to Littleroot Town to get his first pokemon to take down Team Magma all by himself. His love for art comes from his thought that it should be forever lasting, Eternal Beauty.

    Sasori App Sasori

    Sasori has been known to be cold towards others who get in the way of his revenge on Team Magma or who make fun of art. Other than that he is really nice and calm no matter what is going on. Sasori is a hard worker who would train night and day nonstop if he didn't have to stop for food and sleep.

    Starting Pokemon: (Must be one of the starting pokemon from the region u start in)
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